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7 years on.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.” – Buddha

It's been a quick minute since we've posted here, and oh boy, has there been changes in the past few years! Maybe it's the weather, but it's making me nostalgic and wanting to take a trip down memory lane.

7 years ago, in June 2015, an offhand comment shared between 2 friends turned into fruition when we had our first ever pop up at the Public Garden consumer trade show with a bunch of flowers, some loose change and a whole lot of anticipation. Being relatively new at this whole floristry thing, we were literally all over the place and optimistically bought way too much flowers. 


Pictured: My ex-partner, Sarah at our very first Public Garden booth

I mean, look at the massive amount of flowers we had at our store & how we needed 2 people to wrap a simple bouquet! 

Since then, we've grown from a simple outfit working out of my home, to our first (tiny) studio at Tai Seng to our bigger (but cockroach infested) studio at Kim Tian, and finally to the current studio now at 38A North Canal Road with gorgeous light!


Pictured: Our first studio at Tai Seng & our previous one at Kim Tian

After testing out our multitasking abilities for a year, we both decided to leave the banking world to focus on Fleuriste full time in 2016. When people now ask me how I took the leap of faith back then to do this full time, I honestly have no actual answer for them - all we had in the pipeline was a contract from one of the big brands for fulfilment of 200 bouquets for the year, and lofty dreams of achieving that elusive "love what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life". 

Happy to say, we got lucky, and manage to stick it out and we're still here now!

So, you may ask, where's Sarah, and why do I only see you (Joan) on the website and social media pages? In 2019 (ahh those innocent pre-covid days), we mutually decided that our vision for the future were not aligned, and we would be better off doing our own things. And it was great that we did, for our friendship is stronger than ever, and we get to focus on areas of the business that we individually like! 
If you've made it all the way to the end of this post, you may be wondering, why am I (re)starting our blog, coming up with more interesting social media content and even venturing into new social media platforms?

The short version is that I'm trying make Fleuriste a legacy, one that has, and will hopefully leave a positive impact on people, on making their lives better & happier. And for me, the way to do that, is to make sure I reach out to as many people as possible via our content! 

For the long version, stay tuned to our next post coming up soon (how soon will really depend on how well my baby boy naps :x )

Pictured: Said baby boy who's 4 months old! 

Sending you all sorts of good vibes,

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