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Fleuriste WSQ & Skillsfuture Signup Form

To sign up for our courses, please fill out the registration form below. 

Please note that for WSQ courses, you will need to provide your full NRIC number, and date of birth for us to apply for the subsidies for the course. 

If you're using your Skillsfuture credits and have sufficient Skillsfuture credits for your course fee, no payment will be required from your end, and we will send you an email on how to submit your skillsfuture claim along with an invoice that needs to be uploaded to the skillsfuture portal. Do note that you will need to have a valid Singpass to submit your claim. 

Should you not wish to utilise your Skillsfuture Credits, or have insufficient Skillsfuture Credits, you can do a partial Skillsfuture claim, and do the balance fee payment via PayNow or bank transfer. Payment details will be provided in the invoice sent to you.