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Skillsfuture Approved Brush Calligraphy and Watercolour Florals Masterclass

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Always impressed by those around you who can paint and create art effortlessly?
Develop your interest in painting and calligraphy, and learn about choosing materials and mediums, and pick up techniques to create your own pieces!
The step-by-step learning process is suitable for anyone interested to pick up a new hobby or thinking of starting a creative sideline. You’ll learn how to correctly hold a brush pen, basic lettering and watercolour techniques, colour blending, painting different types of flowers and foliages and selecting the right materials.

You will create 2 masterpieces of your own and bring home a fabulous starter kit to continue your creative journey!

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Duration: 8 hours Please scroll down to our course dates section below for our schedule

Prerequisite: Basic English proficiency as class will be conducted in English

Studio Location: One Commonwealth Lane #02-30
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$395, fully claimable using Skillsfuture Credits

Please note that the mid-career transition credits cannot be used for this class. This include the recently credited $4,000, and the previously credited $500.

Intake 1 30th June (Sunday) - 10am to 6pm

During this class, we will cover the following:

  1. Choose the right art materials
  2. Write A to Z in basic calligraphy
  3. Blend colours using brush markers and watercolour
  4. Paint various types of flowers and foliage

Create and bring home 2 masterpieces during this course

  1. Lettering art piece
  2. Floral wreath art piece