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My favourite flower

At almost every workshop, we get asked what our favourite flower is. The easy way out would be to say something mainstream like peonies or hydrangeas, but the truth is that after more than a thousand days of dealing daily with flowers, it's like asking us to choose a favourite child.

We do play favourites sometimes, particularly when flowers are at the peak of their season (e.g. peonies in July and ranunculus in December).

For the past month, I've been obsessed with peonies and have been trying to put them in every single bouquet. (I MEANNNN. LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THESE PEONIES ARE!!!)

peonies floral arrangement

But my perennial favourite will always be freesias, not for the way they look, but for their unique scent which is one part sweet, one part spicy, and a whole lot of fresh! This scent somehow can't be replicated even by the best perfumeries, and I've tried at least 5 different freesia perfumes to no avail.

To be honest, I could probably tell you something nice about almost (baby's breath I'm looking at you) every flower but I shall end here and hope that you will go out today and buy some freesias for their heavenly scent.


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