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Parting is such sweet sorrow, or so Shakespeare said. Kinda ironic that we are starting this blog with a parting post but to us, it's more like a new beginning as we leave the friendly Kim Tian neighborhood and move back to the CBD where we started our first jobs as noob bank officers.

Two years in 129 Kim Tian Road, we have blossomed from hopeful amateur entrepreneurs (read: headless chickens) to who we are now, somedays tired souls but mostly still-passionate, weird and upbeat flower loving businesswomen. The truth is, 80% of the days we have them under great control but the rest we wing them. 

Almost everyone who knows our background have asked if we regret our decision to start Fleuriste and our standard reply is "we only miss the money". And that is all the truth. Growing up, money was never the greatest desire in my life. I had never aspired to be a lawyer, businessman or a millionaire when my primary school teacher asked what I want to be when I grow up. But right after moving into 129KimTian, I freaked out about money (or the lack of). I realised following your passion also means countless panic attacks - over sales, customer service, administrative nonsense like overdue AR filing, dying flowers and nasty security personnels. We were the labourers, the toilet bowl scrubbers, the accountant and the ambassadors of Fleuriste. 

Sometime late last year we started offering Skillsfuture floral arrangement classes and we became teachers. We finally put our chalkboard to good use (and I insisted on chalkboard because hippy shit) as we write flower names and draw diagrams on it. The response was somewhat overwhelming (for us!) when we launched the classes and we were excited and nervy at the same time. Classes can be exhausting but they give us the greatest gratification because being able to enrich someone's life is most rewarding. Many have started their florists from home and some have become great friends. Nine months have gone by since the first Skillsfuture class and we are still looking forward to meeting new participants. 

Most days we wonder, where do we go from here. Now that we file our annual returns on time and can sort of accurately budget for sudden flower deaths, what do we want to achieve as we move into a new space? The rest of the year is shaping up to be a busy one and we are hoping the new studio will be more conducive for our students and ourselves included. We can't wait for all our furniture to arrive and our walls be decorated and for some time to write and create without deadlines. 

To you, our supporters, friends and family, thank you for bearing with us when we are at our worst and for laughing with us when we do our best.




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